A Photo Excursion of the
Hawai`i Industrial Hemp Research Project

I. The Year 1999

n July 7, 1999
Hawai`i Governor Benjamin Cayetano
signs Act 305 creating the
Hawai`i Industrial Hemp Research Project.





Alterna pledges $200,000

Dr. West comes to Hawai`i
to run the project.

The quarter acre site is identified and modified to qualify for DEA and State Narcotics regulations (the same) to handle a Schedule One controlled substance.This takes most of the remaining months of 1999.
The permit required the erection of a 10' chain link fence, barbed-wire topped, with an interior infrared security perimeter.

The security system is powered with solar energy.

The box is our "safe" where the controlled substance (seed) is kept.

December 14, 1999:

Governor Cayetano declares
"Industrial Hemp Day" in Hawai`i.

Seed is planted at the site in a ceremony with Alterna, State representatives and Hawaiian Kahuna officiating.

The Year 2000: NEXT