More energy!

We added the wind generator (above) and a couple new solar panels (right).

Since the upgrade, our energy needs are being met.

Federal statute requires the "controlled substance" be kept in a safe.

Field prep

Birds are our biggest problem.

Birds love hempseed.

We installed a commercial bird protection netting over 1/3 of the site.
The netting is monofilament plastic.
The nursery planted in October under the new netting is doing fine after one month.
Because the first nursery was put in at a time when daylength is decreasing, many plants are induced to enter reproductive phase prematurely. This male is flowering after one month's growth.

Seed drying in the brackts from the previous crop.

Seed for the next generation to be planted in our new, bird--protected nursery.

Seed in brackt, magnified 50x.

A species of beetle likes to eat some of our plants.

They are quite voracious and are probably benefitting by the exclusion of birds.
The bug is nocturnal. These shots were taken with nightvision.

"Have you been eating hemp again, dear?"


Predation is heavy on some plants.

But many plants escape predation by the beetle. Why?

We hope it's for genetic reasons and make selection in the nursery accordingly.

Pollen flies from a male plant
in the nursery.

The new nursery, off to a good start from seed we harvested, first month of growth under the net, November, 2002
Mouseover the image to see how this same nursery looks one month later!